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Mirror of Orthodox Confession (4th ed.)


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The writer of “Mirror of Orthodox Confession” is St. Dimitry of Rostov and has been translated into Chinese by St Gory of Taurida. This book introduces the basic teaching of the Orthodox Church in a brief manner. A lot of explanations have been added to the Chinese translation to improve the reader's understanding. It played an important role at the beginning of missionary work in Eastern Asia. The first generation of Japanese Orthodox Christians and priests used this book as an introduction for studying Orthodox doctrine.

This book has been published for four editions; the first edition was issued in 1860 and other two were in 1863 and 1913. This is the fourth edition. It is based on the 1863 edition which was preserved and provided by Bishop Seraphim of Eastern Diocese of the Orthodox Church in Japan. This book was written in classical Chinese that may not be understood by the modern Chinese speakers; therefore, a new edition has been published for the contemporary readers.

Product Information

AuthorSt. Dmitry of Rostov
TranslatorSt. Goury of Tauria
PublisherRCOMA (ROCOR)
Publication date2016-11-22
Num. of pages60
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