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January Lives of Saints - Prologue from Ohrid


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This Chinese translation for the month of January of Lives of Saints including hymns, contemplations, reflections and homilies from the Prologue from Ohrid By St Nikolai of Zica. Selected lives of saints are supplemented from the monthly saints accounts of the Moscow Patriarchate's Second Tome of the "Reference Book for Clergy-Servers" ("Nastol'naya Kniga Svyaschennosluzhitelya"). In full color with complete saint name list for each day of the month of January, some prefixed with feast rank rubrical signs according to the Slavonic typikon, and selected icons courtesy of www.oca.org and days.pravoslavie.ru. Also includes lectionary indicating Scripture readings assigned according to the fixed feast calendar. Below each day's readings published with dedicatory in honor or memory of loved ones where sponsored. Funded in part by The Order of St Ignatius of Antioch.

Product Information

AuthorSt Nikolai Velimirovich et al
TranslatorXuebin-Mihaela Burican
PublisherOrthodox Brotherhood of Apostles SS Peter & Paul, Hong Kong & OFASC
Publication date2009-04
Language Simplified Chinese
Num. of pages130
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